Subclass 445

Dependent Child Visa

The dependent child visa permits a child to stay in Australia temporarily while the DIBP process their parent's permanent Partner visa application. 



  • Applicants for the Partner visas may have dependent children whom they wish to also bring to Australia. This situation is more likely to arise in the onshore scenario where someone has come to Australia on a temporary visa, having left some dependent children behind in the home country. After arrival, the person marries an Australian citizen or permanent resident or eligible NZ citizen, and then wants to bring his/her dependent child(ren) to Australia. In such cases, upon approval of their temporary Partner (309 or 820) visa, the nominating partner can also sponsor those dependent children to join them in Australia under the 445 dependent child visa.

Be dependent on a parent who holds a certain visa

  • The Dependent Child (445) visa is only available to the children of persons applying for the temporary partner (309 or 820) visas, and can only be granted after the parent has been granted the temporary partner visa. The 445 visa is also available to dependent children of 445 visa holders. If the child is in Australia, they can't hold another visa that has a ‘No further stay’ condition. 


  • The same person who sponsored or nominated their parent's permanent Partner visa application must be sponsor the child.  


The child must be either:

  • under 18 years
  • over 18 years and financially dependent on the parent who has the temporary Partner or Dependent Child visa

Health and character requirements

  •  All the applicants and  family members must meet the health and character  

Australian values statement

  • The child who are 18 years of age or older must have read, or had explained to them, the Life in Australia and sign an Australian Values Statement. 

Debt to the Australian Government

  • The applicants (including family members) must not have any debt to the Australian Government. 

Consent to migrate to Australia

  • A child younger than 18 years only grants this visa if either everyone who can legally decide where they live gives a consent letter or the child’s home country authority permit them to leave their home country or it is consistent with any Australian child order about the child. 

Best interests of the child

  • The applicant might not grant this visa if it is not in the best interests of an applicant under 18. 

Dependent Child Visa Assessment

  • Please fill out the assessment form to find out more about the dependent child visa.

Dependent Child Visa Assessment

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